Counseling services

I provide counseling for clients 14 and up.  Areas addressed include mental health disorders/concerns, personality disorders, career counseling, job stress, family/relationship conflict, communication skills, grief, substance use/addiction/recovery issues, holistic wellness, religious/spiritual concerns and much more.  Face to face sessions are the primary method of service, however web based video and chat sessions are available to clients if appropriate.  Whatever your needs or goals are, contact me to discuss how counseling can benefit you.


I am an affiliate with Lifestyle Transformation.  Lifestyle Transformation is an 18-month out-patient treatment program designed to assist individuals who struggle with compulsive eating, food addiction, emotional eating, and/or binge eating to end an unhealthy relationship with food and to transform their lives.  The program consists of psychoeducation, group therapy, individual, and family therapy. Contact me for more information.

Dialectical Behavioral Skills Training

I began utilizing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills training early in my counseling career.  I have been a treatment provider for an adolescent intensive outpatient program that primarily utilized DBT skills training, and I continue to use this technique in my work with individuals.  I have recently begun offering individual skills training work in DBT.  This option allows clinicians that do not have the schedule availability or knowledge of DBT to refer clients for a brief period of time (6-12 weeks, 2-3 sessions a week) to complete intensive skills training.  The client can then return to their original therapist, in order to continue treatment.  This is available to clients ages 14 and up.  Clients will need a referral from their current therapist.  Contact me for more information or to make a referral. DBT Skills Training groups are also offered throughout the year.

UAB Weight loss management clinic

I offer counseling services for patients of the UAB Weight Loss Medicine Clinic.  This service will be exclusively for existing patients of the UAB WLM Clinic.  Services provided will include mental health treatment that addresses underlying causes of overeating, emotional eating, and binge eating.  These services are available in my office at BCW or at the UAB WLM Clinic.  I will also provide assessments for eating disorders, and recommendations/referrals for additional or more intense eating disorder treatment.  Bariatric pre-surgery assessments may also be available for some clients.  Check out UAB Weight Loss Medicine for additional information.